To remember your own young years
And look with favor upon the lost
And the least and the lonely
To put the mantel of your protection
Around the bodies of
The young and defenseless
To take the hand of the despised
And diseased and walk proudly with them
In the high street
Some might see you and
Be encouraged to do likewise
To plant a public kiss of concern
On the cheek of the sick
And the aged and infirm
And count that as a
Natural action to be expected

To let gratitude be the pillow
Upon which you kneel to
Say your nightly prayer
And let faith be the bridge
You build to overcome evil
And welcome good

Eastertide Thoughts for the Journey       Wednesday Weekly Word                                           May 12, 2021

I extend grace and peace to each of you as we continue to consider our neighbors through our thoughtful actions. In light of the unfolding events that touch us each day, I would like to update you on the decisions/needs/concerns of our communities. 

 Musings from a Minister’s Mind

            As we emerge, slowly, from the COVID cocoon, I was thinking about how often the conversation turns to “getting back to normal”. With no personal definition of “normal” myself for many years, I hear this as engaging in comfortable activities, expecting what would be the norm for that day. Most of us want to pick up where we left off 14 months ago. If we are honest with ourselves, that is not really possible. There are always lessons to learn from crisis situations. What did you learn? What changes to your life perspective did you make? And what are those lessons that you will retain for the future? We cannot write off these months of fear, worry and change. What we can do is restore what is necessary, embrace what is needed and continue to remember what we learned. I shared a poem by Maya Angelou on Mother’s Day Sunday that I discovered in the COVID cocoon. I am going to hold this close as I…you…we…transition into a life that has new perspective and new prospect. Her words are my wish and my prayer for you.

                                          Continuing to appreciate what was and being open to what will be

Pastor Laurie

United   Methodist  Church

200 Turner Road   Middletown, RI

My wish for you
Is that you continue
To be who and how you are
To astonish a mean world
With your acts of kindness
To allow humor to lighten the burden
Of your tender heart

In a society dark with cruelty
To let the people hear the grandeur
Of God in the peals of your laughter
To let your eloquence
Elevate the people to heights
They had only imagined

To remind the people that
Each is as good as the other
And that no one is beneath
Nor above you

To ignore no vision
Which comes to enlarge your range
And increase your spirit

To dare to love deeply
And risk everything
For the good thing
To float
Happily in the sea of infinite substance
Which set aside riches for you
Before you had a name
And by doing so
You and your work
Will be able to continue
(Source: Maya Angelou)